Being Thankful

I am deep in the woods near the Neches River. It is a beautiful Texas Blue sky day in January. The sunlight is warm and the breeze is cool. I am sitting on a blanket on the ground drinking coffee.

He is just over there on the tractor, clearing some brush. He is close enough to see and if I suddenly need to touch him, I can walk over to him. He was gone fishing with his tournament partner Saturday and Sunday. Sure was a long couple of days.
I am grateful I feel this way about him. We met and fell in love thirty-one years ago this month. We’ve been through some fires and some storms. We’ve been through some miracles and some magical places. Our connection, our marriage, our love has taken on a lovely patina. I cherish him and I cherish us. I am thankful.

My Christmas Present

Christmas Day I went on my walk.  I walked the route I have walked countless times over the many years.  I walked in a place that is home to my heart.  And I found something that has been there all along, though I never before noticed: a circle of pines.


I paused and took a deep breath.  I stepped into the circle.  I began praying.  I felt healing.

Nearly every day since, I’ve walked and I’ve stopped and I’ve prayed.  The content of the prayers have varied, but the basic request is for healing of my heart, spirit, mind.  Forty years of trauma and grief has taken its toll.  I believe in the power of love.  God is love.  I believe in the power of God to restore me.  Not to where I was before.  But to a new place of being.  A place of strength and confidence and joy.  I see the path opening up before me………….