In-between Time

There is something odd feeling about the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to me.  Like a twilight zone.  I am reluctant to let go of Christmas and anxious to welcome a new year. 

I try to reflect on the past year.  I try to determine where I am with my life.  I try to plan some goals for the coming year or at least a few months.  I recently came across a phrase I liked.  Trace goals.  It was something on Instagram.  I like that thought.  To me, tracing means to make a light sketch that will be altered and refined with work over time.

I haven’t gotten to the point of tracing goals for 2022.  I will turn 57 in 2022. So many things I had imagined for my life did not happen.  I am learning to live my life as it is rather than what I think it should be. 

Yet, life as it is has turned out to be pretty wonderful.  Rock and I are still loving each other happily. The children and the duchesses are doing great.  I have some very dear friends and family to share life with. 

There are some difficult things to manage.  There are some heartaches to let hurt.  There are some joyous moments to celebrate and some precious times to savor. 

This in-between time even has its good things going on.  Visits with friends, time with Rock, a quickly filling January calendar, hope in Christ. 

May each of us have a renewed hope in Christ for the coming year.  And blessings falling like orchids raining.  Happy New Year!

White lace against a winter blue sky.

Weekend Duchesses

Weekend before last, the older Duchess came to visit.  We listened to Christmas music riding in the jeep and kept watch for Christmas lights.  Louis Armstrong’s “Zat you Santa Claus” came on the radio.  She thought that was pretty funny and wanted to hear it again.  I had to explain I couldn’t make it play again on my jeep radio, but we could look it up on the computer.  We did look it up and listened to it.  She had her mother play it when she got home and Duchess giggled and laughed again.

We also listened to “Mele Kalikimaka” and I taught her how to say it so she could tell her mother “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian.  We forgot to do that, so I called her on her Daddy’s phone and reminded her and she went and told her while I waited. 

The younger Duchess came to visit this past weekend.  We attended the Faux Real Trade Days in Liberty Saturday and had a fun time.  It was raining, but most of the facility is under cover.  We braved the cold Sunday evening and went to Jasper to see the lights at Sandy Creek Park.  She loved them!  She said it was the best thing ever! I took her home in time for a Christmas luncheon party her mother hosted Monday.  There were some ladies there who adore her and our daughter.  The household is coming together and the decorations and table were lovely!

As noted last week and again this week, I have been doing Christmas time.  Funny thing is I just bought most of my Christmas presents this week.  I managed to get some wrapped up and some more boxed and ready to wrap. I have all my groceries.  I got them ahead of time and picked up the fresh produce today.  I need to get some cookies baked and mix up a few things before Friday.

Then, both of the Duchesses will be here!  Christmas will be wild and loud with those two in the house!  I do hope the weather permits our getting outside to play.  They are big enough to be outside on their own some actually.  Growing up.  Time, please slow down just a bit?