First Monday

Today is my first Monday as a retired person. I have been working on some projects and doing a few household chores. When it cools off later this evening, I will need to go outside and pick up around the yard. Put away some chairs and things. Forecast shows we will have some wind and rain from both of the storms in the Gulf. Marco, then Laura a day or two later.

It looks like our daughter’s household will be able to stay in place. Glad for them to be at less risk. They sure took a hit in Harvey. Our son’s household will be fine, too, I’m confident. As will ours. Just wind and rain, but lesser force than others will endure.

Not really how I thought my first week would play out. Still glad to be able to be home. Love and prayers for my kinfolks and friends and neighbors all over.

Rain lilies will be popping up again soon all over the yard.

Sunday Sentiment

I am blessed beyond measure with a man who is still taking care of his children. They don’t need much tending, but he is the first person they call when anything good or bad or funny or sad happens. If they have a question or learn some new bit of information, his phone rings or his text pings. Always Dad, not Mama. And I am good with that. I don’t know who I might have been had my own father been similar.

We had a good visit with the children yesterday. We also had time with the tiny girls, aka wild ones. They play together and fight over toys and love each other. One is fair and blonde haired, the other dark and brown haired. Both with brown eyes. Stubborn like him and his children.

What will life bring for them? Will I see them as grown women? Will they still want me to paint their nails and pile up in the bed to watch a movie and go to sleep snuggled next to me?

I’m sure he will teach them how to drive the buggy and the tractor. They will learn all about the cows they both love. I hope their interest will continue as they grow. It will mean so much to him.

He is like me about the children and grands. We don’t agree with the saying about skipping the kids to have the grandchildren. We adore our own two so much and always had great fun raising them. He loves being a father and that makes being a Paw Paw even sweeter.

My mood is a bit bittersweet this morning, though. I still miss my parents and his. They did not get to live out their full life span. How different life might have been. How different this day might have been. Life doesn’t go on happily ever after for anyone. We just have to savor each hour as it comes and not waste the next wishing for the last.

Happy Father’s Day to my Rock. And to my son. And to my son-in-law. And thank you, Father, for upholding me through this sometimes bittersweet journey. Help me, Lord Jesus, to savor the now.