First Monday

Today is my first Monday as a retired person. I have been working on some projects and doing a few household chores. When it cools off later this evening, I will need to go outside and pick up around the yard. Put away some chairs and things. Forecast shows we will have some wind and rain from both of the storms in the Gulf. Marco, then Laura a day or two later.

It looks like our daughter’s household will be able to stay in place. Glad for them to be at less risk. They sure took a hit in Harvey. Our son’s household will be fine, too, I’m confident. As will ours. Just wind and rain, but lesser force than others will endure.

Not really how I thought my first week would play out. Still glad to be able to be home. Love and prayers for my kinfolks and friends and neighbors all over.

Rain lilies will be popping up again soon all over the yard.

Time to Love

He and I have been married 36 years today. We were both 18 when we decided there was no other way to be than married to each other. We have been through tough times and wonderful times. We have learned to forgive and keep going on together.

We still have some big dreams we hope to make come true if the Father wills it so. Funny thing about dreams for us. We always ask him to close the door firmly if we are about to go through the wrong one.

We are a pretty good team for the most part. I’m still a terrible cow dog, though. I’m not scared at all, just slow and clumsy. Still we usually manage to get done what needs doing without having to do too much of the previously mentioned forgiving.

I love this man of mine. In ways I cannot even express. I sometimes can’t tell where I end and he begins. I have tried so hard to bind myself to him.

He is strong and tough. Sometimes the tough is hard to take. I haven’t had to slay a dragon in many years. His sword is sharp and arrow is true. So I don’t mind the tough.

Happy Anniversary Rock! I love you!