Today is Father’s Day.  My father was wonderful in many ways. But, his mental illness had a negative impact on my thought processes.  He wasn’t the champion and hero I needed. He loved me, though. He was proud of me. I still love him and miss him very much.

I married my champion and hero. He and I raised a champion and hero. Our son is like him and like me, too. Strong, take charge, fearless and still a sacrificial care giver to his family.  Our daughter is the same. The best of both of us has come together in our children. As we see them parent their little girls, it is very apparent.

I praise Him today. He is the True Source of my joy and happiness.  All the time I was wanting to be different, He was and is making me different. Not my ideas, but His ideas are working out in my life and more importantly in my character.  And they are so much better than what I had planned.

I am not really an adult orphan after all. I have a Father still protecting, guiding, teaching and loving me. Patiently, with His loving ways. Happy Father’s Day, Lord.


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