Tech Wars

I don’t know what battles to fight and which ones to walk away from.  I have several types of tech devices.  I can use a few functions on each of them.  None of them satisfy all my uses completely.  That leaves me switching from laptop to iPad to phone and back again.  I shouldn’t forget my nook and iPod, too.  I remember when an AM/FM radio that picked up radio stations from the larger towns an hour away and an 8-track tape player were wow stuff! The televisions all over the house with dozens of channels and push of a button recording options boggle my mind when I think of what life was like growing up.  We didn’t even have all three networks till I was in high school.  Only two would come in on our television antenna. Adding to my own misery, I have four social media streams I keep up with and this Raining Orchids. 

I sure am whiny today.  No telling why. Just one of those days.  Got up on the wrong side of the bed we used to say.  I’m just glad I rattle around in this house solo most of it so no one else has to listen to my attitude.

Sorry. Now I have subjected you to it!  (Click away here-I’m not done!)

I know very well I can shut everything off. I can close accounts. I can get rid of devices.  Most days I just skim through things. Some days, I avoid tech altogether.  I have my own choices to make.  I suppose I keep pushing myself to use them so I won’t grow even more out of date than I am now.  My part time job has demands for tech work that I really am struggling to learn.  Old dogs and new tricks.  All that. 

The final reason I won’t shut off tech is that it is the main way I see up to the minute items from my closest family and friends.  I get bits of their day-to-day doings that don’t get communicated otherwise.  I am not a great phone chatter and I text too painfully slow to tolerate much of that.  My texts have lots of emojis for that reason. I will continue to slug away at tech devices.  Learning new tricks and tips every once in a while.  Just want to keep up with the duchesses and all.

This is short and sweet in a sweet and sour sort of way.  Tired already of typing on a laptop. I’m going to dig out a paper and ink book to read this evening, I think.  Maybe even an old western paperback. 

Till next week. 

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