Weekend Duchesses

Weekend before last, the older Duchess came to visit.  We listened to Christmas music riding in the jeep and kept watch for Christmas lights.  Louis Armstrong’s “Zat you Santa Claus” came on the radio.  She thought that was pretty funny and wanted to hear it again.  I had to explain I couldn’t make it play again on my jeep radio, but we could look it up on the computer.  We did look it up and listened to it.  She had her mother play it when she got home and Duchess giggled and laughed again.

We also listened to “Mele Kalikimaka” and I taught her how to say it so she could tell her mother “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian.  We forgot to do that, so I called her on her Daddy’s phone and reminded her and she went and told her while I waited. 

The younger Duchess came to visit this past weekend.  We attended the Faux Real Trade Days in Liberty Saturday and had a fun time.  It was raining, but most of the facility is under cover.  We braved the cold Sunday evening and went to Jasper to see the lights at Sandy Creek Park.  She loved them!  She said it was the best thing ever! I took her home in time for a Christmas luncheon party her mother hosted Monday.  There were some ladies there who adore her and our daughter.  The household is coming together and the decorations and table were lovely!

As noted last week and again this week, I have been doing Christmas time.  Funny thing is I just bought most of my Christmas presents this week.  I managed to get some wrapped up and some more boxed and ready to wrap. I have all my groceries.  I got them ahead of time and picked up the fresh produce today.  I need to get some cookies baked and mix up a few things before Friday.

Then, both of the Duchesses will be here!  Christmas will be wild and loud with those two in the house!  I do hope the weather permits our getting outside to play.  They are big enough to be outside on their own some actually.  Growing up.  Time, please slow down just a bit?

Tea Cakes and Sugar Plum Fairies

I am trying to perfect tea cakes.  I have my great grandmother’s “recipe”. Really a set of instructions that she tried to put measurements to when relaying it to my aunt.  I have the dough down pretty well.  I need to survey some of my older relatives to get more information.  How thin is “really thin” and were they soft or crisp when cooled? 

I made a variation of the dough this past weekend.  I substituted eggnog for the milk, increased the vanilla a bit and added a good spoonful of nutmeg.  They have a subtle flavor Rock and I like.  I think our son will like them.  He is a fan of eggnog.

At the antique mall, the older duchess found a Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie doll.  It wasn’t complete, but when I explained to her why, she seemed to understand.  We got it and after we got home, I pulled up a video of the Bolshoi Ballet performing the Sugar Plum dance.  She danced her doll around while listening and partly watching.  Maybe in a couple years both of the duchesses will be ready to sit through a production of The Nutcracker Ballet.  I have wonderful memories of my mother, the children and me dressing up and attending the ballet in Beaumont at the Julie Rogers Theater.  My niece danced in it as a child, too.

I am keeping Christmas music playing and when on the road in the evenings, I am looking out for Christmas lights.  The tree is up and the handful of decorations I use are put out.  Each year there is some variation of what I do.  Every year I use deer antlers in the dining table centerpiece because Rock likes them. And I want to do things he likes.  I change the details around them.  Sometimes I get carried away and we are pushing the centerpiece out of our dinner plates.  Oh, well…………

I haven’t been Christmas shopping, yet.  I have a couple of things I picked up along the way. I suppose sometime this week I should get busy.  I seem to wait later every year.  I told my bunch I don’t want anything wrapped up under the tree.  I have some projects around the house I would like for them to do instead. 

Ten days and counting down to Christmas Eve.  I really had better get myself busy.  A lot to do for our family gathering.  I am already busy enjoying this special time of the year. A gathering with friends for dinner, special moments during Sunday morning services, music, lights, decorations, Duchesses.  The younger one will be here this weekend.  We’ll see what she finds to explore for the season.  Yep, I’m already busy!