Tropical Living

I love East Texas summers. I really do. No sarcasm. I love the warm, moist air. I love the steaming, hot air. I will sit outside in the shade during the hottest part of the day just feeling the heat and the dampness.
I love tropical plants, too. I have a banana patch outside the porch windows. I love looking at the huge bright green leaves. Cannas, or flags as I grew up calling them, are one of my favorite flowers. Many varieties of brightly hued flowers atop large leaves with different colors to choose from with them as well. Green, maroon, purple, variegated.  I am trying to get a collection going.
As I sit here this Monday morning, the light is gently growing and illuminating my banana trees. I could sit here all day listening to the birdsong and gazing out the window. Sometimes……I do.