Busy Mondays

This has been a busy day!  Work was slightly hectic.  My own doing.  Sometimes I don’t follow my own rules to pace myself and not let “it” get to me.

But, after work, the busy-ness was terrific!  I got the tree put up and decorated.  I set up a little vignette on the table next to it.  I arranged his dining table centerpiece with the antlers and poinsettias.  I cooked up a couple of steaks and some shrimp in a lemon pepper sauce to go over them for supper.  I have been doing this fairly frequently these days.  Steaks on Mondays.  Sets the week off to a good start.  Why save steak and shrimp for weekends?  Weekends have their own rewards what with all that play time!

Life is wonderful!  Even on hectic Mondays!  I hope the rest of my week finds me as productive and uplifted as today.  Whether it does or not, I am satisfied with today.  And since today is what counts, it is enough!

Getting ready for a Happy Christmas!  Even with my heart that stands before me half way around the world, we will still make merry with the ones near to us.  My angel baby will be with us.  We will get to the see our little girls again I hope.  I have a visit to see my brother planned.  I have already attended a wonderful holiday gathering hosted by one of my dearest friends and her husband.   Happy Christmas has begun even now!




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