Lessons Learned

My trip to Maui was multi-layered.  Time with the children.  Seeing the sights.  Relaxing in the warm sunshine.

The unexpected layer was discovering myself not weak and old.  I am not beyond pushing physical limits.  I hiked two five mile trails.  One was challenging.  The other was not for the faint of heart.

The ridge hike in the rain and the mud is the one of which I am most proud.  I was slow.  But, my son was absolutely patient and encouraging.  He guided my steps and we joked along the way.  What a kind person he is!  I did the hike without incident and without excess pain and fatigue during or afterward.

I didn’t and perhaps still don’t appreciate how hard I was rolled at Big Beach.  I had some bruises I didn’t realize I had gotten until the places turned black and blue.  It took days for all the sand to come out of my ears.  I still have sand inside the lining of my swimsuit.  I will have to work on getting it out when my package arrives in the mail. (I packed up extra clothes, shoes and my souvenirs in a box and am letting the mail lady bring it to me rather than having to check a bag at the airport.) I didn’t panic when tumbling under the wave.  I just relaxed and waited for my head to come up and my feet go down.  I didn’t feel any pain.

Again, I marveled at my endurance traveling home.  I awoke especially early in the morning.  I was unable to sleep at all on the plane during the overnight flight I took late that evening.  I was up about thirty six hours.  I wasn’t really exhausted feeling.  I was sleepy by the time I had my bath of course.  That is usual for me.  But, I did not feel horrible as I expected.

Those long hikes didn’t hurt my feet.  A good pair of shoes made the difference.  My feet often hurt in the morning just from an ordinary day at work where I sit most of the day.  I do not like wearing athletic shoes.  But, I did buy two new pairs of casual work shoes last week and had a pedicure to take better care of my poorly treated appendages.  They deserve the best care as reward for taking me along marvelous paths.

I discovered I am more physically durable than I believed.  I did more and suffered effects less than I ever imagined possible.  This body, even at this moment, has a spot or two of sharp pain and a spot or two aching just it has these many years. Nevertheless, I am pleasantly recalling my adventures in the middle of the wild blue Pacific.  My body didn’t ache and my mind didn’t race.  I longed only for certain amber eyes as the days blended into each other.

How does one live on island time here at home?  How does one live physically challenging adventures here at home?  How does one overcome the compulsion to push against the waves and get rolled rather than bobbing and floating, laughing and loving through the tumultuous days?  There is a time to dive into the waves and a time to paddle along the stream.  There is also a time to drift and notice the color of life.  The color of my life is aquamarine.  What color is yours?




I spent eleven days exploring the island.  My son and my daughter-in-law live there.  They took me all the way around both parts.  We hiked.  We laid on the beach.  We ate scrumptious hamburgers at several different places.  They showed me the best of what they have discovered so far. I even got to fulfill a long time dream to see Pe’ahi (Jaws) breaking and surfers riding it!

Waterfalls, bamboo forests, cliffs dropping into the sea, whales breeching just off shore, beaches, volcanic mountain sunrise, high ridges with muddy trails, a beautiful luau.  Yes.  I experienced all of these and more.

But, the best part of my trip was time with my children.  Seeing how they live and interact with each other.  Hearing them plan what they wanted to do with me.  Her patiently taking photos for me. Him patiently coaching me through the physical challenges of our adventures.  Watching him help her look for sea glass at every opportunity.  Watching her do her daily tasks making their home lovely.

Yes, my favorite thing about Maui is the two of them.



I was glad to go and hope to go back.  But, I was glad to come home.  I missed him.  He doesn’t think I did.  I kept myself busy reading when we were at home and not sleeping.  I kept waking up on the wrong side of the bed wondering where I was.  I am very happy to be back with the one I love more than breath.  I love our adventures together.  I love our simple, beautiful life together.  No tropical island needed.