Her Wedding

Our beautiful daughter has married her true love in a wonderful event this past Saturday. She combined the old and the new throughout.

The ceremony was held at the more than a century old farmhouse of our friends. We used Skype to connect to Oahu. Our son and our daughter-in-law were able to be with us through the latest satellite technology. Antique chairs combined with iPhones and iPads to have us all together to see them wed. My office mate first mentioned the satellite link up to me. I hadn’t considered it until then.  Her father gave her away while I held the camera for her brother and sister-in-law to watch.

Afterwards, we blended the current idea of cupcakes for the bride’s cake with her grandmother’s cake plate. The table also held her grandmother’s punch bowl set and was laid with the Battenberg lace tablecloth belonging to the same grandmother, my mother.

We indulged in sirloin steak at a table set with even more of her grandmother’s treasures. The tea cups are a collection of my mother’s. We use them every chance we get to have a special event. No two are alike. There are a few dozen in the collection. They always elevate things to something more with their delicate loveliness.

She used the flowers she had arranged for his and my vow renewal last year. She carried the bouquet she had made for me as well.

Her dear friend acted as official photographer for the day. If that wasn’t gift enough, she presented the bride with a handmade quilt sewn by herself and her grandmother.

Old and new. Tradition and modern. Very much like the bride. Understanding and honoring the old ways while expressing her own imagination and creativity in modern ways.

The local restaurant we used for the reception is owned and operated by a wonderful couple. He makes trademark cinnamon rolls as lagniappe occasionally for diners. We were generously provided more than we could possibly eat! The guests were thrilled with the take out boxes of cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, mints, and chocolate cake.

We wished the bride and groom away with traditional rice. They flew out to Maui the next afternoon. They are there now and will join her brother and sister-in-law on Oahu in a few days. Yes, there is a tropical system headed toward them. Prayerfully, it will pass far enough north to not interfere with the honeymooners’ plans!




I spent eleven days exploring the island.  My son and my daughter-in-law live there.  They took me all the way around both parts.  We hiked.  We laid on the beach.  We ate scrumptious hamburgers at several different places.  They showed me the best of what they have discovered so far. I even got to fulfill a long time dream to see Pe’ahi (Jaws) breaking and surfers riding it!

Waterfalls, bamboo forests, cliffs dropping into the sea, whales breeching just off shore, beaches, volcanic mountain sunrise, high ridges with muddy trails, a beautiful luau.  Yes.  I experienced all of these and more.

But, the best part of my trip was time with my children.  Seeing how they live and interact with each other.  Hearing them plan what they wanted to do with me.  Her patiently taking photos for me. Him patiently coaching me through the physical challenges of our adventures.  Watching him help her look for sea glass at every opportunity.  Watching her do her daily tasks making their home lovely.

Yes, my favorite thing about Maui is the two of them.



I was glad to go and hope to go back.  But, I was glad to come home.  I missed him.  He doesn’t think I did.  I kept myself busy reading when we were at home and not sleeping.  I kept waking up on the wrong side of the bed wondering where I was.  I am very happy to be back with the one I love more than breath.  I love our adventures together.  I love our simple, beautiful life together.  No tropical island needed.