The weekend was well spent.  A major chore was completed.  I had snuggle time with my great nieces.  I took some time with him.  I got to walk in the woods soaking up fresh air and sunshine, listening to birdsong.

On the walk, I constantly noticed the violets.  Some were blooming and some were just sprouting out of the leaf litter on the forest floor.  I always think of my mother when I see them.  She would love to ride up to the park to see if the one particular section was full of blooms.

The birds have been filling my ears and heart with joyful sound.  I sometimes wish I didn’t have a cat so I could put out bird feeders near the house and watch them come and go.

Everything is springing to life.  It is just coming awake from its slumbering winter.  Time for me to do the same.  Shake off the slumber of the recent days and spring to life.   Push through the debris of things and spring to a fresh outlook.








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