Two Little Feet

Hello little feet in your shiny silver squeaky shoes!  You carry a precious cargo.  Where are you going?  What adventures will you take her to?  What troubles will you take her through?  Will you bring her to see me occasionally?  Something in her eyes makes my heart melt.

Other little feet have padded around my house.  Little ones who are only a little bigger now.  Little ones who are grown and padded away down life’s avenues.  They still come round to see me now and then.  Something in their eyes makes my heart melt.

There is a pair of feet still padding around in my house.  His I did not see when they were little.  His wander down the hall each evening to chat for a while before sleep overtakes us.  Something in his eyes makes my heart melt.

Down there close to the foot of my bed are two feet.  I knew them when they were little.  I know them very well.  They are usually tipped with a bright color to make me smile.  Not always red like Granny’s were.  I go for more variety.  Those feet which hurt at times and cause me to limp are the feet which have carried me through almost 50 years of adventures, troubles, treasured moments.

I like little feet and grown up feet.  Feet that bring my loved ones to see me and pad around the house filling it with memories for me.  Bringing them to me to melt my heart again and again with something in their eyes.


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