The Battle

I intended for this venue to be light and lovely. Mostly photos of the pretty things surrounding me along with some verses and sentiments that flow around in my thoughts. Maybe what I am writing is too sad or too personal or too revealing.
The beauty of my simple life is that I have time to feel deeply and ponder long hours about those feelings. I have become very aware of the negative thoughts and behaviors that cause problems for me. I know why I feel most of them. I can identify the voice, time, place that first produced the injury to my being. Most times the voice is my own.
I have worked very hard to undo the damage I have done to myself. He is always near to help me. He supports me in ways no one can guess. He told me this evening to get busy “orchiding”! He knows how important this commitment is to me and encourages me to continue.
I am in the midst of a battle. The dragon of despair threatens to burn down the castle. I am fighting back. But, I am weakening. I cannot find a specific issue or group of issues causing this battle to be waged. I am feeling past grief pain well up in my heart. I am out of focus with my intentions. But, I am making progress.
I have completed a picture. Acrylic on canvas: Lunar Color 1 is the title. I ambitiously number it “one” because I intend to create more moon paintings. Full moons are one of my favorite things.

Why do I love the full moon?
Surrounded by darkness
Soft glowing orb
Illuminates the meadow
Deepens the shadow
Fills the night with hope
Fills my heart with courage
I will once again win the battle


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